An in-depth look at Britain’s divisive drill music scene by London-based director David Hayes. Emerging from Chicago and influenced by London grime, UK drill music has been heavily criticized by politicians and journalists for its violent lyrical content and ‘menacing’ Youtube videos. “Please Take Off Your Hoodies” takes us into the basement studio of 20 year-old producer, Tweeko, as a way of offering a different perspective on what the genre means to those making the music and telling their stories.


Director: David Hayes
Producers: Matt Cooper & Georgia Woolley
Cinematographers: Jake Gabbay, Kurt Riddell, David Hayes
Camera Assistants: Max Gabbay, Ollie Steer
Editor: Taylor Fawcett
Music Consultant: Oliver Pearson
Composer: Louis Souyave
Sound Mixer: Tom Ryan
Colourist: Katherine Jamieson
Graphics: Jonathan Waller
Associate Producer: Johnnie Campbell


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