A visual meditation on the notion of Black performance in white spaces by Rotterdam-based artist and filmmaker Tarona. Featuring dancer Chanel Vyent, “Pivot” operates as an act of defiance against the white gaze not just by claiming space but by taking time for rest and stillness. Throughout her research Tarona confronted the philosophy of how Black bodies always appear to be in movement or ‘doing something.’ In other words, never idle or standing at rest. As she states:

“The character in this film defies the general expectation – by gradually slowing down into rest, into stillness and — therefore — into resistance.”


A Film by Tarona
Movement: Chanel Vyent
Colour Grade: Qianwei Tong
Music & Sound: Sam van Eenbergen
Visual Effects: Ivan Hidayat
Post Production: Imane Saksou
Location: Gaea Studio
Wardrobe: Makeover Factory
Special thank you: Captcha!
Supported by: Mondriaan Fund
Stipendium Emerging Talent 2020 – 2021


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