Dublin-born filmmaker Marion Bergin delves into the controversial pastime of inner-city horse culture. While the equestrian legacy of Dublin’s working-class has often been marginalized and negatively portrayed in the media, “Saoirse” offers a snapshot of some of the men who genuinely care about their animals and their struggle to keep this unique aspect of the city from being erased by new property development and gentrification. As Bergin states:

“Toxic masculinity is something the media has made synonymous with inner-city culture. I chose to shine a different light on these men, to portray them as I saw them — normal people with warm hearts and the same concerns for their futures and families as the rest of us.”


Director/Producer: Marion Bergin
DOP: Narayan van Maele
Focus Puller: Eileen Timmons
Editor: Ciaran Murray
Original Music and Sound Design: James D Latimer
Sound Recordists: Soundspeed
Colourist: Leandro Arouca @ Element Post


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