A wonderful documentary short about an exuberant 72 year-old gay artist named Miguel by San Francisco-based filmmaker Danny Navarro. More than just a tribute to Navarro’s friend and former landlord, “My Neighbor, Miguel” offers a personalized archive of the AIDs epidemic as Miguel reflects on art, community, and life after another such isolating time that affected the entire world.

“Miguel was my former landlord in San Francisco. Each month, I would see him hang beautiful art pieces outside of my living room window which faced Mcallister Street for all to see. I fell in love with these pieces and became fascinated with their elusive maker who donned a thick Colombian accent and handlebar moustache. Over time, Miguel and I became friends which is how I learned about the story behind his art and how delicately intertwined it was to his past.”


Director: Danny Navarro
Producers: J.M. Harper & Vanessa Upson-Harper
Cinematographer: J.M. Harper
1st AC: Garet Jatsek
Editor: Ian Park
Assistant Editor: Byron Leon
Art Director: Alexandra Kaucher
Sound Design & Mix: Cody Twitchell
Colorist: Mary Perrino
Composer: William Ryan Fritch
Artwork: Crystal Vielula
Special Thanks: GLBT Historical Society Museum San Francisco,
Bay Area Reporter, Mono No Aware


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