Lovely mix of visuals in this video for Sharlot’s track “Farewell Waltz” by Moscow-based director Arthur Gurin (previously featured here).


Eduard Shalot
Yasmina Omerovich
Daria Zhovner
Vladimir Gurin

Directed & Photographed by Arthur Gurin
Produced by Arthur Gurin & Oleg Medvedev
Production Designer: Veronica Roth
Costumes: Arthur Gurin
MUAH: Valeria Osipova
1st AC: Daniil Bolotnikov
Gaffer: Alexander Aleshnikov
Photographer (Story): Arthur Gurin
Photographer (Portraits): Alexey Fokin
Editing & Colour Grading: Arthur Gurin
Thanks to: Boris Aristov, Oleg Medvedev, Egor Gurin


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