Beautiful video for Gracie and Rachel directed by New York City-based cinematographer Andrea Gavazzi (previously featured here). “Sidelines” centres around Gracie and Rachel’s family friend Connie, as she speaks openly about the sudden and tragic loss of her lifelong partner, Danny. A testament to the strength of human attachment, Connie’s intimate recollections are intertwined with footage of relationships at all stages of love. As Gavazzi states:

“Something that has always struck me is how time affects memories and the way we perceive a past event in our life. The more time passes, the more our memory selects random bits to keep. We can’t completely understand why these memories are so clear, why that moment and not another one, and I don’t even think we question it; it just feels right, it feels it represents the essence of us, so we hold on to that instant. ‘Sidelines’ is not about what we could have done differently, but how we will do it differently in the future or next time.”


Director/DP: Andrea Gavazzi
Editor: Matt Schaff
Color: Parker Jarvie at Co3
Color Producer: Matt Moran at Co3
VFX/Animation: Francesco Esposito
Executive Producer: Nuer Taqa at Radiance Pictures
Producer: Jake DeNicola
Focus Puller: Ben Scofield
Sound: Eliot Worth
Sound Design: Romain Sturma
Label: Righteous Babe Records
Mgmt: Invasion Group
Thanks to: Steve McCord, Adam Wolf, Tom Fenaille, Mayer Chalom
Special Thanks: Alyssa Trawkina, Marta Chierego, Vera Comploj,
Company 3, Emily Epstein, Alexis Gee


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