A sobering look at modern environmental devastation from the perspective of the indigenous people of Colombia by Berlin-based director Harun Güler (previously featured here). Despite having resided in the secluded mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta since the arrival of Spanish colonialists, the existence of the Arhuaco has become more difficult with every passing day as decades-long conflict, agricultural expansion and extensive littering disrupt the harmony of the local ecosystem. “Call Of The Heart” sees Güler juxtapose the Arhuaco’s pristine village with the unfurling catastrophe of our modern world through a series of haunting diptychs:

“We wanted to reflect their closeness to the natural world and their mindful way of living by depicting the calm and focused moments in their everyday life… We must change the ways we make decisions as a society as well as take responsibility for the consequences of this behaviour. The effects of climate change have become urgent and we must address them directly.”


Directed by Harun Güler
Music by Bendik Giske, HAKAVA & Orson Hentschel
Produced & Co-Directed by Michael DiFranco McCarney & Eric Flores
DOP: Leander Ott
Editor: Benedikt Strick
Colorist: Jan Schöningh
B-Cam / Drone: Pablo Trujillo
Graphic Designer: Sascha Anton Jörres
Sound Engineer: Candaş Erdener
Translation: Ati Viviam Villafaña Izquierdo


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