Great look to this video for Hot Flash Heat Wave by Portland-based director Noah Porter (previously featured here). “Grudge” is about the allure of withdrawing from reality in favour of a simulated world. While the West Coast fires earlier this year caused delays that almost prevented the team from being able to use film, the video was ultimately shot on 16mm by cinematographer Scott Uyeda. Both Uyeda and Porter felt strongly that the 4:3 aspect ratio was crucial to the early 2000s, turn-of-the-millennium era they were trying to capture.


Starring Timothy Blanchard & Michelle Gonzales
Directed, Produced & Edited by Noah Porter
Cinematography: Scott Uyeda
Stylist: Stone Jarboe
Gaffer: Joe Bowden
Key Grip: Kanon Havens
Set Design: Noah Porter, Leah Maldonado, Becky Borden
Prop Stylist / Set Dresser: Allie Baumann
Carpenter: Brett Sisun


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