Great offbeat video for Stereopolina about jealousy and its strange consequences. Written and directed by Arseny Kuznetsov, “Last Date” presents a parallel world inspired by late 80s Soviet aesthetics where the object of a young girl’s affection remains out of reach until circumstances mysteriously change.


Written and Directed by Arseny Kuznetsov
Director of Photography: Arseny Kozin
Starring: Zalina Nasyrova, Elgar Guseinov, Anastasia Antonova
Production Manager: Vlada Krylova
Producer Assistant: Evgenya Morozova
Art Director: Adele Ishbulatova
Art Director Assistant: Anita Lyubimova
Set Designer: Ivan Malygin
Focus-puller: Leysan Khazieva
Camera Assistant: Ainur Ainur Galetdinov
Gaffer: Nikita Shchinnikov
Colorist: Dmitry Grigorev
Titles: Ilya Safin
Rental: Fotozoom
Sky Lift: Anvar Safin
Driver: Jamil Khusnullin
Pyrotechnic: David Bulgakov


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