Director Haonan Wang creates a delightfully odd world in this dystopian video for Chinese indie band Hedgehog. Inspired by life in quarantine, “Bat” follows a man in search of relief from his day-to-day routine in a mysterious facility run by children.


Director: Haonan Wang
Writer: Haonan Wang, Heran Wang
Producer: Jinming Zhong
Cast: Naughty Xiao
Production Designer: Luyue Meng
Director of Cinematographer: Wenqiang He
Gaffer: Zhengfei Wang
Stylist: Luyue Meng
Wardrobe: Luyue Meng, Huizhen Zhong
Editor: Haonan Wang, Minxing Liao
Director of Animation: Cassie Shao
Director of Puppetry: HIKARU
Colourist: David Rivero Martin (Digital Domain Ltd)
VFX Artist: Pengfei Dang


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