A lovely dance piece about the desires that wear us down by Warsaw-based director Magdalena Zielinska. Starring dancers Anita Sawicka and Piotr Simba Abramowicz, “You Wanted Rivers” explores the feeling of endless dissatisfaction — of never getting what we want or never being happy with what we get — that can lead us down risky paths and keep us forever thirsty.


Dancers: Anita Sawicka & Piotr Simba Abramowicz
Director: Magdalena Zielinska
DOP: Mateusz Kanownik
Edit: Mateusz Kanownik, Magdalena Zielinska
Sound Design: Wojciech Pawluczuk / Grenade Sound Studio
Color: Piotr Putko
Music: Dictaphone – Opening Night
Water Drumming – Baka Women / courtesy of Global Music Exchange
Special thanks: creative tools


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