San Francisco-based director Ivan Cash tells the story of a third-generation sharecropper named Jay Allen Glaspy. A descendant of slaves, Glaspy was ‘born in the cotton fields’ and worked in them until he got married at the age of 19 and set out for New Jersey. While Glaspy’s continued to face racial prejudice throughout his life, his story is one of unwavering devotion in the face of adversity and hope for the future.


Produced by Cash Studios
Made Possible by Unfinished
Director: Ivan Cash
Executive Producer: Melissa Abe
DP: Jamal Solomon
Line Producer: Malikkah Rollins
Editor: Ivan Cash
Composer: Lee Falco
AD: Louie Jimena
AC: Alexandra Bock
Gaffer: Alvin Adadevoh
PA: Cole Heller
DIT: Jono Bernstein
Sound Design: Lee Falco
Assistant Editor: Lucy Adams
Color: Alexia Salingaros

Special Thanks:
Josh Alexander, Chris Barley, Blake Bogosian, Alex Campbell, Jos Diaz, Carla Fernandez, Brian Glaspy, Doris Glaspy, Jaqueline Long, Kenny Myers, Michael Reiner, Rinee Shah, Jameelah Tucker, Rodney Cruz Pizarro


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