Montréal-based filmmaker Alexandre Richard tells the tale of a self-exiled writer, crumbling under the weight of solitude, in this video for Mada Mada. Starring dancer and choreographer Charles-Alexis Desgagnés, “Autonome” is set in 1954 and captures an artist confronting his inner demons and memories of the loved ones he abandoned in order to pursue his dreams in “the big city” of Montréal. As Richard states further:

“Although isolation, depression and loneliness have become all-too familiar feelings due COVID-19 and the misery left in its wake, “Autonome” was conceived a year prior to our current predicament. The thought that this story of self-doubt, lost love and broken dreams rings so true today is both coincidental and a testament to the universality of its themes.”


Directed by Alexandre Richard
Music Written & Performed by Mada Mada
Dancer & Choreographer: Charles-Alexis Desgagnés
Production Team: Les Orphelins
Cinematographer: Graham GS
Producers: Graham GS, Alexe Laroche, Alexander Bain
Screenwriter: Alexandre Richard
Artistic Director: Veronique Duplain
MUA: Alexe Laroche
1st AC: Jonathan Auger
1st AD: Alexe Laroche
Key Grip: Maxime Latraverse
Sound Recording: Maxime Bélanger
Production Assistant: Laurie-Anne Perreault, Émilie Beaumier,
César Marchena, Antoine Parle, Dylan Bernier,
Valérie Leroy-Pleshoyano, Maxime Bélanger
On set Photographer: David Gogan
Editing: Alexandre Richard
Sound Design & Mix: Kristopher Laflamme
Color Grading Studio: Outpost
Colorist: Martin Gaumond
VFX: AA Studios
VFX Supervisor: Marc Hall
Coordination: Moona Marsolais
VFX Artists: Jonathan Cyr, Vincent Campbell, Jérémy Berger

Thanks to: Cinepool, MTL Grande Camera,
Samuël L. Härtl, Kiril Schimdov, Guillaume Claveau,
Marc-André Lavoie, DJ Matrundola, India Katherine Jones


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