Love all the different poses and gestures in this charming video for Carlota Flâneur’s track “Generation of the Young Flesh” by Barcelona-based director Carles Pons Altimira (previously featured here). According to Carles, the visuals are meant to reflect the repetition and automatism encouraged by modern society as we witness Carlota adapting to all sorts of situations and environments with the same attitude:

“Generation of the young flesh represents a generation that has been born into a new world, in which new things are short-lived and cost nothing, and like things, people. With the great help of Ariadna Montfort we have translated these traumas into looped movements that, performed in front of large colored frames, help to stage the absurd theater in which society pushes us to play.”


Produced by Òrbita
Directed by Carles Pons Altimira
Director of Photography: Albert Bada
Art Director: Lluís Campos
Focus Puller: Joan Urango
Lighting Designer: Marc Arroyo
Camera Assistant: Maria Menendez
Art Assistant: Júlia Gaspar
Costume Design: Mar Medinyà
Choreographer: Ariadna Montfort
Credit Design: Coure
Colorist: Martí Somoza
VFX: Furiosa studio
Producer: Max Maltas & Cristina Sánchez


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