A young woman teeters on the edge of epiphany and madness in this lovely project by Brazilian director Lu Villaça. “Ebulição” captures some of the thoughts and feelings Villaça confronted during social distancing measures, including questioning her own existence and how she had been living her life prior to the pandemic. For Villaça, this time should be seen as an opportunity for learning more about ourselves, insights she hopes won’t be forgotten after the virus is controlled:

“May we have the courage to hear our thousands voices when the world is silent.
Was 2020 a call? Are we going to honor it and take responsibility for the life we are living or are we going to ignore it in the rush of hours, money and greed?”


Written & Directed by Lu Villaça
Starring Brunna Iorio
Produced by Guilherme Dip & Lu Villaça
DOP: Daniel Belinky
DOP Assistant: Dariely Belke
Production Design: Debora Pascotto
Assistant Direction: Eduardo Moraes
Editing: Gabriel Lancman
Color Grade: Jesus Mendes
Post-Production & VFX Supervisors: Lucas de Paula & Sergio Cicinelli
Post Coordinator: Marcos Eduardo
Music & Sound Desing: Cabaret Studio
Subtitles: Renata Borges
Acknowledgments: Adriana de Paula, Gabriela Batista,
Hugo Nyerges, Lelou Carvalho, Top 35


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