Great energy to this video for DouleurDolor’s new single by Madrid-based writer-director Joaquín Luna. “Sé de un Lugar” was composed during the global pandemic and offers a reflection on the range of emotions experienced throughout quarantine — from the fear of losing loved ones to rethinking relationships and the everyday concerns of life. Building from DouleurDolor’s theme, Luna created a visual narrative based on his personal perspective on time and the marks that different loved ones have left in his life:

“Time passes, the clock hands don’t stop ticking, and don’t turn back. We didn’t either. We still have to close our eyes. Blurred experiences and clear memories join three people in this music video.”


Artist: DouleurDolor
Written & Directed by Joaquín Luna
Produced by DouleurDolor & Joaquín Luna
Starring: Almudena Zamora, Mahok & Gómez Selva
DOP: Joaquín Luna
Assistant Director: Miriam Muñoz
Production Assistant: Germán González
Editor: Lucas Vázquez
Color: Iyan Altube
Art Direction: Miriam Muñoz
Costumes: Susana Marlo
MUA: Merce F. Campoy
Driver: José Ramón Carota


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