A fantastically fun PSA written and directed by New York City-based filmmaker Colin Read (previously featured here). Created pro bono by people who love skating and care about the cause, “Skaters Vote” is narrated by Tony Hawk and geared toward a very specific type of youth for this pivotal voting year. As Read explains:

“Plenty of messaging has already been created that targets the youth vote…but skaters are a peculiar breed. We don’t like people telling us what to do—which is why we skate in the first place! It’s easy for skaters to get turned off by people who don’t understand them, making demands. Skaters have a finely-tuned “bullshit meter,” so we don’t want to turn the audience off with overly serious or dramatic messaging. Instead, we’re creating a simple message: If you can skate, you can vote. It’s a natural, community-oriented activity. It’s that simple: skaters vote.”


Director, Writer, Producer: Colin Read
Creative Director: Jacob Ireland
Producers: Leon Derriey, Cameron Cuchulainn
DP: Eric Schleicher
2nd Unit DP: Andrew Price


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