A woman embarks on a mysterious mission with a briefcase full of money in this wonderfully strange video for Never Sol’s track “Leon” by Prague-based director Jaroslav Moravec. Cinematography by Filip Marek (previously featured here).

Leon is a place where time stands still and magic shines through its cracks.
Leon is a state of mind where sirens wail and desires burn.
Leon turns gold to dust, fools to saints. A peculiar miracle hidden in plain sight.


Director: Jaroslav Moravec
DOP: Filip Marek
1st AC: Jan Hofmann
Gaffer: Tomáš Volter
Fixer: Lud Monaco
Art Department: Matěj Kačírek
MUA: Phil La Noiraude
Grading: Daniel de Vue / A52
Sound Design: Sam Jurkovič / Cinq
Graphic Design: Jan Novák
Producer: Matěj Paclík
Executive Producer: Veronika Jelšíková
Production Company: Stink Films
Music and Lyrics by Never Sol


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