A powerful short by directors Sarah Ema Friedland and Alessandra Lacorazza. “In Accordance With” imagines a world where the territory of the body and the territory of the nation are collapsed into one space. Set at a border check point, the viewer accompanies a pregnant woman and her companion as they are forced to endure invasive measures in order to get an abortion. The dialogue is taken verbatim from State-mandated anti-choice materials, causing us to question whether this fictional world is really that different from the one we live in now.


Brittany Henry
Claire Jamison
Rebecca Lovett
Samuel Dunning

A Meerkat Media Production
Directors/ Producers: Sarah Ema Friedland & Alessandra Lacorazza
Writer: Sarah Ema Friedland
Assistant Director: Chloe Gbai
Cinematographer: Sean Hanley
Assistant Camera: Amanda Nicole Reyes
Sound Recordists: Kaija Siirala and Zeshawn Ali
Editors: Samin Pogoff, Alex Mallis, Alessandra Lacorazza, and Sarah Ema Friedland
Sound Mixer/Designer: Kaija Siirala
Colorist: Natacha Ikoli
Set & Costume Designers: Cori Spencer, Winnie Cheung
Set & Costume Consultant: Katie Fleming
Caterer: Sam Stein
Production Assistants: Liv Fidler, Hannah Fowler, and Claudia Malpeli
Original Sound “Hands Off” Recorded by Alexis Powell and William Tyler
Guards: Joe L. Hunt, John Jarusiewicz, Clarence C. Williams


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