Nice video for Jarryd James directed by Australian filmmaker Mick Soiza. Collaborating with animator James Siewert and Sydney-based studio Heckler, “Miracles” follows Jarryd as he explores the depths of his own psyche with the help of two doctors — figments of his own mind. As Soiza states:

I feel like as humans and creatives in general we are really pushing ourselves to the limits, trying to find the answer, the key that unlocks that magical answer –- as we go through this process, we break down to build back up — realising if we just let go and follow the process we can stay on track and not overwhelm ourselves.”


Producer: Coralie Tapper
Director: Mick Soiza
DP: Sean Ryan
1st AC: Bruce Truong
2nd AC: Danny Haneman
Gaffer: Glenn Jones
Best Boy: Clive Rippon
HMU: Natalie Stanfield
Production Assists: Monty O’Brien, Craig Burns, Jensen Just
Post Production: HECKLER
Post Exec Producer: Will Alexander
Producer/Studio Coordinator: Brittany Jones
Editor: Lucas Vazquez
Animator/Artist: James Siewert
Senior Flame Artist: Brad Smith
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Cast: Charles Allen & Michael Croaker


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