A wonderfully creative short written and directed by Diana Gradinaru and Rory Waudby-Tolley (previously featured here). Made with the support of BFI NETWORK, “New Year” tells the story of a boy in 1999 who becomes obsessed with the Y2K bug and a girl in the distant future who is learning to be a priest in the religion that emerged from the ‘artefacts’ the boy left behind.

“Ravaged by millennia of climate breakdown, Britain is underwater. But Simon’s ramblings and football stickers inspire a faith where the heat of the earth is respected and 90s Man United midfielder Nicky Butt is worshiped as a God. The Year 2000 was simultaneously the beginning of the future, and the end of world.”


Written & Directed by Diana Gradinaru & Rory Waudby-Tolley
Produced by Becky Perryman
Executive Produced by Phil Davies
Starring Jason Forbes, Thea Gajic, Lorna Gayle, Javone Prince
Animation & Design by Diana Gradinaru, Rory WT, Ala Nunu Leszynska, Chiara Sgatti
Sound & Music by Skillbard
Hymn by Paul Devlin
Casting by Leanne Flinn


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