Great energy to this video for Cakes Da Killa directed by Brooklyn-based artist dayday. Shot in the Blaxploitation style, “Don Dada” is about showcasing Bidi, and all black women as the powerhouses they are. As Cakes Da Killa states:

“The 70s was such a rich and electric time drenched in black excellence and expression. I wanted to capture a bit of that with my own flair for the visual. The film follows a gorgeous model, maybe even a spy (played by Bidi), as she heads to a photoshoot with a very eccentric photographer (played by me) and the curious exchange they share as they shoot. ‘Intermission’ at the end is something we wanted to add as a dessert.”


Starring Bidi & Cakes Da Killa
Directed by dayday
Director of Photography: Mayer Chalom
Assistant Camera: Agustina Biasutto
Production Assistant: Tata Milan
Production Assistant: Rob Rusli
Editor: Christian Oreste
Colorist: Josh Bohoskey


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