Nice mix of ideas behind this video for Salvatore Vitale by Mexico City-based director Andres Arochi (previously featured here). Starring Mexican LGBT+ icon Loreto Pozos and gay porn director G Del Diablo, “Mejor Mentir” tells the story of emotionally crippled men trapped inside a world of petty fantasies. The style of the video is inspired by Cine de Ficheras — the Mexican sex comedy genre that flourished in the 1970s/80s — as well as the very real violence currently experienced by the trans community in Mexico. As Arochi explains:

“[Cine de Ficheras] were usually shot on a low budget, in low quality and although they have a sexual undertone and double entendres, they weren’t particularly explicit. Keeping close with its inspiration — the cinematography, production design and aesthetics of the film recreate a sexy and shabby Mexico City in the late 1970s. However, the central concept in Mejor Mentir is a femme fatal revenge story of a trans woman singer who rebels against macho oppression.

There is a huge trans culture in Mexico and a booming trans woman prostitution industry with their customers being mostly heterosexual men. It is a world that still takes place in the shadows of society and has led to major violence against trans women in our country. The average lifespan of trans women in Mexico is 35 years old.”


Director: Andres Arochi
DOP: Galo Olivares
Producer: Santiago Tron
Starring: Loreto Pozos & G del Diablo
Production Designer: Moshi Ibarra
EP: Santiago Tron & Gabriel Stavenhagen
Company: Cineburo


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