Singer-songwriter Ocean Pleasant and Los Angeles-based filmmaker Anastasia Antonova explore the emotional back and forth of a “will they/won’t they” style relationship in this lovely DIY video for “Always Been You.” Shot just after the state of California went into lockdown, the pair made do with a backyard set up of six whiskey ice cube trays, 14 flower bouquets, and a garden hose:

“The song touches upon the kind of hot-cold love that thaws out our tenderness and then freezes it back up in protection, inspiring the main visuals of frozen florals. This kind of love feels uncontained and watery. Flowers thawing in first half of the song and freezing back up in the second half is not only, of course, representative of the theme of uncertain love, but also of the time it was made in: a time in which our longings to connect feel strongest during the turbulence of a pandemic, yet our protective forces, structurally imposed and humanly innate, keep us from reaching for that connection.”


Written & Performed by Ocean Pleasant
Director: Anastasia A. Antonova
Editor: Cecily Lo
Colorist: Sarah London
Thanks to: Dylan Calder Stein, Danielle Sims


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