A stylish meditation on life since COVID compared to life before by director Marco Mucig. While the start of quarantine was difficult for many people — filled with feelings of frustration, anger, and emptiness — Mucig questions whether some new rhythms and routines might actually be preferable to our old lives:

“It might sound weird, but I’m really scared about going back to my life before. I’m confused. I don’t know who I will be or what I will want. Everything is so uncertain. Will it pass?”


Giorgia Quarto
Enrico Berretti
Stefano Berretti
Vlad Chetrusca

Directed by Marco Mucig
Cinematography: Edoardo Emanuele
1AD: Lisa Valcarenghi
2AD: Glenda Petrosino
1AC: Niccoló Di Guida
2AC: Laura Bellacicco
Steadicam Operator: Federico Vio
Set Designer: Mattia Pozzi
Stylist: Silvia Gabrielli
Stylist ASS: Valentina Cusumano
MUA: Lucia Giacomin
Edit: Luca Campanale
Music: Machweo
Voice over: Amber Baker
Color: Lorenzo Ameri
Filming equipment: Movie People

Thanks to
Jacopo Ardemagni, Luca Merli, Marco Bellone,
Alessandro Gagliardi, Blu, Nina,
Impronta Birraia, Tucidide 56 Community


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