A beautiful experimental short by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Justin Tyler Close (previously featured here). Based on Kasper Bjørke Quartet’s ambient album The Fifty Eleven Project, “Line of Life” explores the true story of one man’s journey dealing with the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis, told visually through a blurring of dream and reality. As Justin explains further:

“Through the film, our lead character builds a machine in an attempt to cure his cancer. This machine takes him through time, visiting both his 5-year-old self and his 75-year-old self…. It dissects the resilient nature of human life and further explores the concept of death through movement, performance and poetry.”

Watch “Line of Life” above and see full credits below!


Kristján Ingimarsson
Jens Brenaa
Alfred Buchardt
Bobbi Jene Smith
Anders Hove

Written & Directed by Justin Tyler Close
Based on the album The Fifty Eleven Project by Kasper Bjørke Quartet
Director of Photography: Snorre Ruhe
Editor: Jeff Watterson
Producers: Kasper Notlev, Pxjects, Institute of Weather
Post-Production Supervisor: Jeff Watterson
Assistant Editor: Jake Sanders
VFX: Cooper Vacheron
Titles: Eric Peschal
Colorist: Sam Gilling
Sound Designer: Dayana Capulong

All music produced, arranged, and mixed by Kasper Bjørke
Synthesizers composed and performed by Kasper Bjørke & Clause Noreen
Piano composed and performed by Jakob Littauer
Violin, viola, cello composed and performed by Davide Rossi
Taken from the album The Fifty Eleven Project out on Kompakt Records

Production Designers: Marie Boye & Anne Gry Skovdal
Production Design Assistant: Line Hvid
First Assistant Camera: Frederik Haslund
Second Assistant Camera: Asger Ryø
Gaffers: Frank Omø, Benjamin Ingvorsen, Jens Nedergaard, Malik Thomas Bruun
Drone Operator: Alex Suhr
Location Scout: Sofia Linfeldt
Producer Assistants: Laura Vasegaard & Rikke Weischenfeldt
Production Assistants: Jasper Spanning, Nicoline Erdinger, Julius von Kauffmann,
Nicholas BlUFF, Caroline Rievers, Rasmus Kyed

Thanks to:
Sus Hagen, Henrik Lund, Henrik Buchardt, Mette Buchardt,
Livø Feriecenter, All the people living on Livø, Brigitte Rask,
Nanna Leth Fuglsang, Ib Maløe, Dorte Leth, Fuglsang Sindal,
Emilie Linsaa, Tøt Michael Kromand, Hedehusene,
Mona Brajkea, Forbrædingen, Skt. Hans Hospital,
Prxjects, Mercedes-Benz Denmark, Kodak,
Maan Rental, Kim Jensen, Film Fear, Newland,
Outsider Editorial, AiAiAi, Loom Pos,
Anouk Aumont, Josh Close, Allday Everyday, Soft Citizen


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