Love the cinematography in this offbeat documentary short about true believers by New York City-based filmmaker Scott Lazer. Following the “Storm Area 51” Facebook event that went viral in the summer of 2019, Lazer and cinematographer Taylow McIntosh flew to Las Vegas to document the unique convergence of people gathering in the town of Rachel, twenty-seven miles north of Area 51. As Lazer reflects, while the whole ordeal as it played out seems silly, it reveals something about our intrinsic desire to know with whom we share the universe:

“I went into production fully willing to give everyone I would speak to the benefit of the doubt – no matter how outlandish they seemed. I didn’t want to judge anyone or appear like I was judging them, but of course I internalized some skepticism with some of the folks we spoke with. There was a particular moment that definitely gave us serious pause, but I’ll let you discover that as you watch the film. I suppose it would be natural to wonder “Do I believe that alien life exists?” and my answer would be: absolutely. I think the likelihood that we are not alone in the universe greatly outweighs the alternative.”

Check out “Visitors” above and see full credits below!


Director: Scott Lazer
Director of Photography: Taylor McIntosh
Editor: Nico Bovat
Colorist: Derek Hansen
Title Designer: Aaron Vinton
Composer: Jeff Melanson
Sound Designer/Mixer: Dean White
Copywriter: Jesse Boykin Kimmel


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