Paris-based director Nathalie De Lopez shares the resilient story of dancer and choreographer Kevin Bago who lost sight in his left eye after an accident. Combining movement, music and poetry, “Dance or Die” is divided into four acts, each corresponding with the four verses of William Henley’s 1875 poem “Invictus.” The film was shot in Paris overnight and conceived by De Lopez as a collaboration that would allow Bago to freely express himself:

“Through Kevin’s story, I wanted to address a universal subject: resilience. How, when life throws obstacles at us, humans will draw from the depths of their resources to surpass themselves, and become a better version of themselves. This film is a message of hope.”


Featuring Kevin Bago
Directed by Nathalie de Lopez
Music: Polérik Rouvière
Director of Photography: Julien Teissier
Steadycam Operator: Sacha Naceri
First Assistant: Pierre Valentin Ferdani
Second Assistant: Manon Delville
Artistic Direction: GANGSTER PROJECTxHart
Colorist: Arthur Paux
Editor: Zoé Sassier
Line Director: Siham Gouy Menaa
Post Producer: Axel Kpatinde
Production: Shadow Lab


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