A whimsical visualization for French79’s track “The Remedy” by London-based animator Daniel Stankler (previously featured here). Produced by Cardel, “The Remedy” incorporates recurring motifs often found in French79 music videos as well as a nostalgic homage to the artist’s childhood growing up in Marseille. As Stankler explains further:

“I wanted a Spielberg-esque sense of youthful, anything-can-happen optimism, so I devised the storyline to achieve these goals — a kid explores an abandoned fairground at night, where the fairground rides comes to life. The song is quite long, so I made challenging use of repeated elements. The film was also a chance to develop my character work, which I’m always keen to further explore in my work.”


Animated & Directed by Daniel Stankler
Production Company: Cardel
Producers: Carla Mooney, Delwyn Mooney
Animation Assistant: Natasza Cetner


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