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Lovely look and feel to this self-directed video by Vancouver-based musician and artist Riun Garner. Set in the middle of the desert at sundown, “Wrote Myself Off” features a live performance shot in one take as Riun and his friends share a somber moment beside their broken-down car. The track is from his debut EP, All We Know and All We Forget. While Riun had been writing and recording personal songs as voice memos on his phone for years, it wasn’t until last November that he and some close friends recorded four of those songs onto an analog reel to reel tape machine found abandoned in an apartment hallway. The result is a record of pain and hope, of loss and isolation, and the insecurities of being forgotten, as Riun states: “I don’t want to be just another sad folk singer-songwriter with a cabin in the woods. I hope to break the cliche of what a indie folk singer-songwriter can be.”

Check out “Wrote Myself Off” above and see full credits below!


Riun Garner
Tyler Paterson
Brynn Sweetrain

Director: Riun Garner
Cinematographer: Jan Klompje
Producers: Riun Garner & Stephi Chin-Salvo
1st AD: Adriana Marchand
Sound Engineer & Mixer: Jordaniel Bennett
Colourist: Sam Gilling
Location Manager: Monti Garner
On Set Photographer: Bronson Whytcross
Production Assistant: Kamran Fulleylove
Special Thanks To: Brightside Cinema, Johnny’s Car Fancy “Quick-Style” Shop,
Eddie Johannsen, Stuart Langfield, The Marchands, Oscar Vargas


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