Beautiful mix of styles in this lovely short by animator and illustrator Jiaqi Wang. The project is based on an initiative by the Wellcome Collection Museum wherein a filmmaker chooses an object from the museum to make a film about. Wang chose ‘Kareau,’ a wooden figure from the Nicobar Islands, which used to be set up outside a sick person’s house to scare away the bad spirits thought to be causing the disease. The script for “2.3×2.6×3.2” is based on Wang’s interviews with her aunt. As Wang explains further:

“This film is for my aunt, she had breast cancer last year. I was depressed and did not know how to help her. When I went to the Welcome Collection Museum, I found this wooden figure in the center of the room, and I was interested in its healing power to the people living on the Nicobar Islands…. I’m trying to discuss the certainty of hope (Kareau) and uncertainty of disease (Cancer) in this film. Without the support of belief, what is the percentage of faith for people? If the survival rate of cancer patients is 99%, then this 1% is a psychological torment for patients. Comparing the tribal people’s firm belief in healing totems, can we use this belief to make up for this 1% gap? If this exists, it will be an unpredictable comfort for the patient — the high 1% comfort.”

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