A delightful lockdown-themed short by Vancouver-based writer and director Athena Han. Equal parts relatable and absurd, “Hey Yú” follows a man named Kent who attempts to juggle a phone call from his parents with a deadline for a Zoom call, all while noticing something strange going on with his goldfish.

“This film was done during the pandemic, and it was shot with team of 8 people (cast and crew). It is part of an anthology charity film that will be released later this year. The film is inspired by my personal experiences of working from home alone away from majority of my friends and family.”


Starring Jian Ping Su
Writer-Director: Athena Han
Producers: Athena Han, Christian Lai
Associate Producer: Transmute Pictures
Cinematographer: Christian Lai
Assistant Camera: Titouan Fournier
Gaffer: Slatie Chu
Production Designer: Yuezhang Qin
Art Director: Shengyuan Meng
Sound Recordist: Alex Shamku
Hair and Make-up Artist: Kaeko Fujiyama
Visual Effects Supervisor: Camil Adell
Music Composer: Jacob Tardien
Final Sound Mix: Emmy Sainz

Voice Actors:
David Shen
Michelle Chen
Katie Ryder
Julia Farry
Clément Llobet
Michelle Kee
Patrick Shaw


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