Great portrait featuring our talented friend, Los Angeles-based artist Andy Dixon, by Australian director and cinematographer David Bourke. The film was shot at Andy’s studio in downtown LA and offers an insightful glimpse into the serious yet satirical nature of Andy’s work and the art world in general. Hyper-aware of the relationship between art and luxury, Andy discusses the paradox of vanity, ego, and materialism as he prepares for his upcoming show, We Open on Andy Dixon, Vain, Egotistical, Materialistic, Unoriginal, Sitting in a Hollywood Restaurant, in San Francisco later this year. Watch above and check out some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Director: David Bourke
Artist: Andy Dixon
Producer: Heron Bourke
DOP: David Bourke
Editor: Chase Roselli
Gaffer: Forrest Penny-Brown
1st AC: Ben Slavens
Colorist: Ayumi
Sound: Emett Casey
Score: Marmoset







David Bourke’s Website

David Bourke on Instagram

Andy Dixon’s Website

Andy Dixon on Instagram


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