Fun look to this video for Agnes by Stockholm-based collective Swim Club (previously featured here). Inspired by Hilma af Klint, Holy Mountain, and cosmic tarot cards, “Fingers Crossed” explores the eternal struggle between the Sun and the Moon:

“The Sun god rules over the bright and beautiful day. But in the alternative world the Moon god rules over the dark and mysterious night. They compete over the people’s beliefs, to lead and rule over the people. Through their magic, the gods shows the people’s true selves.”


Agnes Carlsson
Vincent Pontare
Salem Al Fakir
Winter Hallgren
Fredrik Quiñones
Caroline Ljungström
Ulf Einar

Directed by Swim Club
Director of Photography: Swim Club
Producer: Andrea Gyllenskiöld
Edit: Alexander Peri
Production Manager: Karin Håkansson
Production Assistant: Nico O’konor
Set Design: Simon Wallin
Set Design Assistant: Katja Reimers
Set Design Assistant: Alice Andersson
First AC: Erik Lindqvist
Choreography: Bianca Traum
Choreography: Anna Näsström
Makeup: Johanna Nomiey
Stylist: Malin Jacobsson
Gaffer: Fredrik Nordensjö
Grade & VFX: Swim Club
Manager: Dita Kleman
Project Manager: Henrik Hansson


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