A young man spirals through the volatility of his subconscious in this haunting short by Berlin-based director Luís Júlio da Silva. Aiming to show how physical isolation affects the internal psyche, da Silva uses the water within the character’s domestic space and his imagined world to symbolize the manifestation of intangible anxieties. As da Silva states:

“Without the comfort of social interactions and relationships with others, the character struggles to negotiate his sense of self. He dives into the dark and empty corners of his mind and once there, he is forced to confront his anxieties alone.”


Starring Viktor Nilsson
Director: Luís Júlio da Silva
Cinematography: Peter Garajszki
Light & Grip Assistant: Luca Bisen
Production Designer/Stylist: Joana Romão
Edit: Anselm Koepfner
Color: Mai Lasan
VFX-Artist: Andreas Clemens
Music & Sound Design: Danielle de Virgilio
Music: Odete
Additional Music: Naico Fabris
Graphic Design: Orlando Rodriguez
Special Thanks: Caribuni Studios, Totalli


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