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Directors Oscar Pecher and Stefan Pecher mix themes of old and new in this surreal video for Kruder and Dorfmeister. Attempting to capture the sense of turbulence and confusion of our own world, “Johnson” takes us into a hypothetical future where digital has taken over at the same time nature has reclaimed its territory due to people’s neglect of their actual surroundings.


a HØVN films GmbH Production
Directors: Oscar Pecher & Stefan Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe
Executive Producer: Manuel Nguyen
1st Assistant Producer: Peter Scherb
2nd Assistant Producer: Alexander Mandl
Choreographer: Lima Pecher
1st Camera Assistant: Florian Noever
Gaffer: Alexander Sprenger
Best Girl Grip: Judith Dornetshuber
Best Girl Grip: Sina Lang
Dolly Grip: Leander Orthofer
H/MU: Camilla Bartha
Production Design: Sarah Heidenreich
Production Design: Alexandra Sascha Latiy
Catering: Alexander Mandl
VFX/Props: Studio Formlos
VFX Supervisor: Jascha Süss
Props Designer: Matthias Timo Finding
Compositing/Animation: Yunus Sezer
3D Surface Design: Leo Miedaner
Music: Peter Kruder x Richard Dorfmeister
Editor: Stefan Pecher
Colorist: Mike Bothe
Titles: Oscar Pecher
Special Thanks: Florian Draxler, Lukas Kronsteiner, Ernst Dangl GmbH,
Mike Lights, ARRI Rental Wien, ARRI Berlin Mitte, Mohanad Suwaed
Supported by Wien Basiskultur – CASH.FOR.CULTURE


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