Director and cinematographer Dillon M. Banda follows globetrotter Natacha Maboma as she shares her experience travelling away from home as a young woman — and specifically, a black woman. At the time of filming Maboma had been living abroad in Asia for 3 years. “Ashima” was filmed across the Hong Kong islands before the COVID-19 pandemic and also before the pro-democracy protests. As Banda states:

“In this moment where we are being called to bear witness to a weekly, almost daily assault on blackness and black bodies, I feel fortunate — as a black man myself — to be able to contribute to the collective black imagery with a story that is hopeful, positive and aspirational. In the face of overwhelming oppression, hopefulness, positivity and aspiration take on the air of defiance. These things, and more, are what Natacha and her continuing journey represent. And in a moment where the entire world has been brought to its knees by a global pandemic, I hope that in its own small way, ‘Ashima’ can represent “hope” for its audience. “Hope” for a time when we can all travel freely again. “Hope” for a time when we can all dream again.”


Directed by Dillon M. Banda
Cinematography: Dillon M. Banda
Narration: Natacha Maboma
Edit: Sean Cunningham
Sound Design: IYO
Score: Hotel Neon
Production Assistance: Van Ngoc Dang
Produced: SoundChips + Dillon & Co





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