Director Adhel Arop investigates her mother’s experience as a child soldier in South Sudan in this documentary short. Commissioned by STORYHIVE — a platform which supports BC and Alberta-based creators — “Who Am I?” explores the effects of war, trauma, and ultimately the things that define us.

“When people look at our story the thing I wanted to avoid was that gaze of ‘poor you’, and look at it like how did you overcome such an obstacle. What made you, what drove you, to see past the sadness and see past the pain and the hurt and be able to gather strength to move forward everyday. As a second generation, this is my mother’s story, and I want you to not look at us with sympathy in your eyes and sadness, we are strong women and we overcame a lot, and we are going to continue to overcome, and we’re not going to let the world’s obstacles take us down. The only way to do that is to stand together, use each other’s voices. My mom has used me as a way to speak because she can’t.”


An image of Adhel and her mother.


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