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A visual play on Jungian psychology and the concept of the shadow for Stephen’s track “Delilah.” Directed by Mason Thorne, the song was inspired by Stephen’s relationship with drugs, his sexuality, and expanding sense of self. As Stephen states:

“Delilah is the name I’ve given my shadow — my repressed, unrecognized potentials and desires. She is temptation. She is seduction. The process of getting to know her has been scary and exciting, a deep sense of self-acceptance and power reached through self-annihilation.”


Director: Mason Thorne
Producer: Elizabeth Litvitskiy
Cinematographer: Jordan Holtane
Editor: Benton Africano
Colorist: Asa Fox
VFX: Matthew Stevens
VFX Company: Carbon VFX
Video Commissioner: Sheila DeMoura
BTS Photographer: Rob May
Produced by Anyhow


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