A lighthearted short about how we face society by Madrid-based filmmaker Mariano Schoendorff. The project was made during lockdown with 3 spare rolls of 16mm film and sparked by a passing comment at a party pre-pandemic wherein Inés Coca mention that her grandmother used to say that ‘one should never cry in public.’ Reflecting on the impact of that phrase, “My Discreet Charm” sees Schoendorff and Coca manifest a character from a 2020 “bourgeois” lens, using the prologue of movies such as Raising Arizona and 101 Dalmatians as their main sources of inspiration.


Starring Inés Coca
Director & Cinematographer: Mariano Schoendorff
Produced by Inés Coca
Written by Inés Coca & Mariano Schoendorff
Edited by Jorge Luengo
Colorist: Noemi Lallave
Composer: Nicolás Schilke
Sound Mixer: Rodrigo Autric
Sound Design: WHO SOUNDS
Graphic Designer: Amalia Aranguren


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