Nice raw feel to this short by London-based director Lauren Blackwell. “Métèque” was written by the film’s stars, Lyna Dubarry and Lou Stassen, and tells the true story of a hard-working young woman, whose sense of security and comfort is upended by an administrative issue that threatens her ability to remain in the country she calls home. While touching on broader questions of belonging and displacement, the film explores the shifting dynamics of those closest to her as everyone reacts to her experience in their own way.


Lyna Dubarry
Lou Stassen
Elliot Jenkins
Oisín Nolan
Hana Hrzic
Amelia Parillion

Director: Lauren Blackwell
Writer: Lyna Dubarry & Lou Stassen
Editor: Lee Robinson
DOP: Romain Rampillon
Music & Sound Design: Neil Balser


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