An uplifting animation by directors Siewmay Khoo and Jay Septimo. Made in collaboration with special-needs enabling organization, Superhero Me, “One More Time” sheds light on how members of their community have experienced the pandemic and subsequent lockdown as well as their hopes for the future:

“COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the world, with no end in sight. As Superhero Me’s mission of fostering a more inclusive Singapore is dependent on bringing children with and without special needs together, this pandemic – and the isolation it brings – has brought struggle and newfound resilience to our children, caregivers and captains. Additionally, we want to remind each other to look forward to the next time we can meet again without fear, through this short film created during Covid-19 quarantine period by a team from Singapore, The Philippines and US.”


Superhero Me Voices:
Javier Yeo
Rinn Chan
Sun Meilan
Koh Jia Jin
Joyce Teo

Directors: Siewmay Khoo & Jay Septimo
Script: Jean Qingwen Loo (from Superhero Me)
Assistant Animator: Helgil Siega
Sound Design & Music Composing: Sono Sanctus


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