Beautiful video for Berwyn’s track “Trap Phone” by London-based director Brock Neale-Roberts (previously featured here). Produced by Agile Films, the song explores the love between two people — one inside the bubble and the other outside of it — with a prepaid cell phone being their only point of contact. The video was shot all over Romford with Berwyn and his friends at places that hold a special significance for him.


Directed by Brock Neale-Roberts
Rep: OB Management
Prod Co: Agile Films
EP: Hayley Williams
Commissioner: Dan Millar
Label: Colombia / Joel Quartey
Produced: India Bradshaw
PA: Camilla Morris
DOP: Spike Morris
Focus Puller: Jerry Pradon
Thermal Cam: Tanmoye Khan
Gaffer: Helio Riberio
1st AD: Ato Yankey
Runner: Christian Brown
Art Director: Louis Simonon
Locations: Mark Rolfe
Transport: @protourvans
Kit: @weareshift4
Edit: Beth Roberts
Colourist: Alex Gregory @ The Mill
Sound Design: Alex Wells


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