Lots of beautifully haunting visuals in this short piece by directing duo Leonel Dietsche and Ruben Meier aka LEONELRUBEN (previously featured here). “Baby Birds” reimagines a surreal world where children and young people dominate a self-contained underworld with adults only visiting as safari-esque tourists.

“They don’t seem to understand its rules anymore, but they are frightened and fascinated by its roughness. Will this new generation stay there or will they rebel?”


DOP: Tony Kopec
Production: Goodhouse Films, Modest Department
Executive Producer: Julian Brinkmann, Johannes Lehmann
Producer: Roland Ziegler
Music: DJ Heroin – Conciliator
Editor: Oliver Stumpf
Sound Design & Mixing: Victor Brand
Colorist: Florian Staerk
Service Producer: Oleksii Zolotarov, Illarion Lentin


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