Two young men share a moment of intimacy in this lovely debut video for singer-songwriter Joshual by Brazilian director Fernando Nogari (previously featured here). Produced by Iconoclast, “Devil Gaze” was shot in São Paulo by cinematographer Maurício Padilha and features choreography and performances by Weslley Baiano and Marcos Oliveira. As Nogari shares further:

“When I heard Joshual’s track, the first thing that caught my imagination, was the atmospheric aspect of it. It narrates the story of a young boy struggling with his first-love emotions. Joshual himself is only 19 years old and our conversations reminded me of my own teenage years, when I used to spend the afternoons at my parent’s home, brawling with my feelings. Those years had a significant impact on my personality. I struggled with accepting my sexuality and spent time deconstructing patterns of masculinity that were expected of me. I wanted this film to capture a small snippet of one of those days —- days where we allow ourselves to break the box we are shaped into and, in turn, share a sensitive and intimate moment with someone we have a connection with, beyond any prejudice or stereotype. Moments of love and freedom.”


Starring Weslley Baiano & Marcos Oliveira
Directed by Nogari
Produced by Iconoclast Brazil
Executive Producer: Francesco Civita
DoP: Mauricio Padilha
Art Director: Magdalena Arrieta
Stylist: Marina Vieira
Editing: Fernando Nogari
Choreography: Wesley Baiano, Marcos Oliveira
Special thanks to Ian Ruschel, Alonso Sperb, Murilo Hauser


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