UK-based director and photographer Nic Kane (previously featured here) captures Elder Island’s 2019 Omnitone Tour in this lovely ode to the two-way street that is the relationship between audience and musician. Combining cine film and VHS punctuate digital footage, the short documentary offers insight into the band’s hands-on approach to touring — a snapshot that hits a particular sense of poignancy and nostalgia given the current hold on live shows.


Director: Nic Kane
Cinematographer: Nic Kane
Camera Operator (Live): Camilla Hall
S8 Capture: Luke Thornton
Editor: Nic Kane
Colourist: Cam Sander
Audio Mix: Luke Thornton
Tour Manager: Andy Lewis
Front of House: Jake Bateman
Monitors: Louis Urquhart
Monitors: Med Rann
Stage Lighting: Sam Campbell
Stage Outfits: Laura Griffin


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