CANADA director Rogelio González uses his time off during quarantine to embark on an introspective trip into his own psyche. A unique celebration of the opportunities lockdown can bring, “Now You Know” captures the relationship between Rogelio and his roommate, Javier Dichas, to suggest that the limitations a 50 day lockdown imposes only exist in the mind. Or, in Rogelio words, what could’ve happened “in any Spanish home when you lockdown a couple of immature adults.”

Javier Dichas
Rebeca Luna
Felipe Bartolomé
Leila Rodriguez
Didi Domenech
Anna Crosland

Directed by ROGELIO
Cinematography: ROGELIO
Voice Over: Luis Aspe
Music: Pedro Saiz (Synths), Mariadolores Revilla (Piano)
Sound Design: Alfredo Diaz
Colorist: Marc Morató @ metropolitana
Video FX: Alvaro Posadas @ CANADA
Graphic Design: Realmente Bravo

Special Thanks
Xavi Vara
Marina M. Campomanes
Oscar Romagosa
Palomo Spain
Paty Abrahamson
Tomas Peña
Santos Bacana
Mela Garracongana
Rebeca Luna


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