Lovely animation for Bright Eyes’ track Mariana Trench” by New York City-based studio Art Camp (previously featured here). Composed of 2,200 hand-illustrated ink paintings based on original 3D animation and archival footage, the production of the video started at the beginning of quarantine and finished as people came back out of their homes and took to the streets together:

“In 18 different bedrooms across the world, listening to Bright Eyes, keeping each other company, we got the chance to collaborate on a story about embracing and celebrating change… We hope it makes you excited to imagine that everything could be new.”


Made at Art Camp
Directed by Art Camp
3D Animation Director & Art Director: Danica Tan
3D Animator & Technical Director: Matt Knudsen
3D Animator & Designer: Vasco Gross
3D Animation Intern: Aarman Roy
2D Animation Director & Art Director: Jeremy Higgins
2D Animator & Designer: Britton Korbel
2D Animator & Designer: Christin Kim
2D Animator & Designer: Anna Chandler
2D Animator & Designer: Kyle Daum
2D Animator & Designer: Jasmine Haomin Shi
2D Animator & Designer: Mike Witzel
2D Animator & Designer: Katie Yu Kyung Lee
2D Animator & Designer: Zheyu Wang
Executive Producer: Fern Diaz
Producer & Story Editor: J.J. Russo
Producer & Story Editor: Jerry Li
Storyboards & Concept Art: Mac Ross
Story Concepts: Matt Kagen


This video was submitted by Art Camp and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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