A delightfully over-the-top experimental short blending skateboarding and archival space launch footage by writer-director Toby Morris of Sydney-based Longneck Films (previously featured here).


Amy Lehpamer
Ed Lemke-Hogan
Airlie Dodds
Billy Van Wyk

Javier Coca
Ben Currie
Sari Simpson
Riwaz Kazi
Levi Jarvis
River Simmons
Pierson Parslow
Thaj Dearaugo

Written & Directed by Toby Morris
Production Company: Longneck Films
Cinematographer: Drew English
Skate Camera Unit: Dom West, Jack Shepherd
Editor: Cameron Drew
Colourist: Matt Campbell
Music: Bodytalkr via ezracohen.com
Costume Design: Caitlin Murray
Production Designer: Laura Murray
Audio Mix: Michael Newton & Tania Vlassova
1st AD: Stuart Beedie
Gaffer: Austin Brooke
VFX: Michael Vorberg
Colourist: Matt Campbell
Poster Design: Timothy Barlow
Stills Photographer: Seiya Taguchi
Marketing & Distribution: Sean O’Reilly

Special Thanks:
Tim Ross, Nigel from Totem Skateboarding, Warhouse 10,
Catharine Sarjeant, Cori Webber, Sheryl Sherson,
Hugh Miller, Simon Morris, Aaron McLisky,
Chris Seeto, Cate Nagy, Stef Smith,
Caroline Lèpron Aguesse, Lucy Whirledge, Krystal English,
Lucy Rennick, The Berrics, Aaron McLisky


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