A fun video about finding solace amidst personal disaster for Dent May by Los Angeles-based director Nathan Castiel (previously featured here). Made just before California’s quarantine lockdown, “I Could Use A Miracle” expands on the track’s lyrical themes to offer a silly yet heartfelt dark comedy about a struggling musician who discovers the world of the Web 2.0 internet and, ultimately, happiness in his life as it is.


Starring Dent May
with Jeremy McLennan
Nathan Castiel
Nastya Valentine
Jared Piller
Robbie Blumpkin

Directed by Nathan Castiel
Produced by Nathan Castiel
Exec. Producer: Keith Boos
Director of Photography: Tyler Weinberger
Gaffer/Steadicam: Alvin Octoman
Costume Designer: Lindsey Hartman
Web Design: Nathan Castiel
Edit: Nathan Castiel
Colorist: Stephen Derluguian


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